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Aesha Designer is a new and exciting brand with its parent company, Rishika Fashions Pvt Ltd., been well known all over India since 1960.

Aesha boasts a wide price range and categories of sarees, suited for women of all ages. The brand offers a variety of sarees for all occasion's. The objective of the brand is summed up in its tagline; The Complete She. It means to make every woman feel confident, beautiful and elegant. All these contribute towards making the consumer feel special and flawless.

The core values of Aesha are respect, dignity, hard work and perfection. We treat our customers with respect, maintain our dignity with our presentation, superior quality of products and customer satisfaction; and make sure that we put in our utmost effort and achieve perfection right from production through the closing of a sale.

We promise you that wearing our sarees, will not just make you feel that you are wearing any brand but it will give you a very special feeling that will make Aesha an important part of your life.